Website Migration SEO

Why do you need our website migration SEO service?

When you’re planning a new website build on to a completely different platform or even just making changes to your existing websites navigation there is a lot to consider from a website migration SEO point of view. If the migration is done badly, you can find that your organic search ranking has dropped considerably which causes huge losses in traffic and revenue. A disorganised migration can create a headache for your PPC agency and can disrupt other channels like affiliates and social.


Re-platform your Website
without losing traffic
with Clubbish

    Our services during re-platforming also include:

    The SEO Process During

    If you are re-platforming to a new CMS system, we are able to work with your developers to implement practical improvements that will optimise your site.

    In our experience having a 3rd party migration company involved really bridges the gap between the other two parties and lets them work more efficiently with peace of mind that all bases are covered.

    Have you already re-platformed and are losing sessions and revenue?

    If you have already migrated your website to another platform in the last 12 months or have redesigned your website navigation lately and you think your losing organic sessions, revenue, search rankings, then you should get in touch to see if this is due to a poor or unplanned website migration, we can help you with a recovery program to bring the lost traffic back.