Google Display Advertising

Google Display advertising helps you build your brand and drive traffic at a relatively low cost. As a Google Partner consultancy we use the Google Display ads Network to ensure that our clients can benefit from large audiences across their target demographic.

Large number of sites that form the network means that it is relatively easy to expand your audience as and when required.

Regardless of the products offered the desired audience can be easily reached.

Ad marketplaces here are as competitive as in the rest of the PPC market. But with the services of a specialist display advertising agency, you can be sure that your return on investment will be optimised.

Placement Advertisements

In a placement ad, you decided on the specific pages or websites you wish your ad to be displayed alongside

Contextual Advertising

This method targets potential customers based on their recent search history. We can refine your target audience using a near endless list of interest categories such as sports, travel or entertainment.


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    Targeting Google
    Display Ads

    These ad types are available on both desktop and mobile advertising platforms. Users can be targeted with online banners and other similar ads at any point in the conversion funnel. Targeting that can be carried out using this form of internet advertising includes:

    The Google
    Display Network

    The Google Display Network allows you to connect across a range of websites. With more than two million sites participating in the service, there are thousands of sub categories to match your product, regardless of its esoteric nature, at low website advertising rates.

    How Do We Achieve Success with
    Google Display Ads?

    As a specialist amongst PPC companies, we will make sure that your display advertising will feature in the selected niches within the ad network, reaching market segments that are likely to yield customers for your online store and are in line with your advertising profile and the target market of your website.

    We can show your ad on specific web pages, online videos, games, RSS feeds, mobile sites and apps that you select. We will also manage your service to ensure that ads are banned from appearing on websites that are not relevant to the site.

    We will treat your account holistically. We’re not just about the cheapest impression, but the converting impression. We base our analysis of the account on:

    Display Network
    The Choice for CPM Conscious Marketers

    This service operates under a cost per impression (CPM) model. Although it helps sales, the key benefit of display ads is for expanding brand recognition rather than direct sales. The targeting reduces wasted ad spend allowing you to cheaply build a reputation with your customers.